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Going away? Pack well with BF Top Tips

Going away? Pack well with BF Top Tips
Whether you'​re​ packing for a dirty weekend away, or a wholesome Easter break this bank holiday, Beija Flor is here to help.
Our classic pieces are designed to be worn for real life, under clothes that we women actually wear! Time and space saving, you can wear the collection from boardroom to bedroom, weekday to weekend and throughout the rigmarole​ of daily life. 
​Check out our packing hacks, whether your a last minute scrambler or a neat and tidy planner, these top tips will ensure a satisfactory arrival, wherever you're going.
Layer your bras and stuff the cups with your pants to stop them getting squashed.
 Use buttons to keep your earrings together. 
Tictac boxes are perfect for storing ha​ir pins. ​Attach a bulldog clip to your razor head for protection. Cotton pads help to stop powder compacts from breaking
...and always use a clear make-up bag for easy visibility.

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